Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The first half of Easter

I had a lovely Easter - the weather was just beautiful - almost like late summer rather than mid-autumn. Warm sparkling clear days with cool nights .... perfect. My dad is visiting at the moment from New Zealand so it was a nice change for him from the double cyclone they just got whammied with. Rain and floods and slips and mud through most of the country! But he made it here and Thursday we went down the coast to enjoy the scenery and the sunshine.

This is (hopefully) a very boring video of our beach on the morning of Good Friday. I haven't uploaded a video before, but it should work. I took it because it was just so lovely and there was no-one there! Heaps of people later on of course but at breakfast time I had it almost to myself. Until I went back to the house, and started painting. And painting, and painting.

Another boring photo! An empty room, now with painted walls and masking tape. We undercoated the walls and the cornices, then painted the ceiling and the cornices, then painted the walls Dulux "Whisper White". So three different lots of basically white paint. They all look identical in the tin, but very different on the wall. Whisper White is very slightly grey, when compared to the bright ceiling white.

It was a bit tedious, but nothing compared to the staining and varnishing of the trims and door ... which probably belongs more in my "second half of Easter" post. The boys and my dad were helpful, and I managed to get in one lovely swim in late afternoon. I had a wetsuit on but the water is still lovely and warm. It was more for the air temperature! Any bits of you sticking out of the water got chilled. But otherwise just lovely.

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  1. Well, that looks very promising. I love your orphan blocks quilt!