Monday, April 10, 2017

A social weekend

We've had a lovely weekend of catching up with people - mostly my husband's parents (down from Brisbane) and his aunt and uncle (up from Melbourne) who met in Canberra to see the name of their grandfather - my husband's great-grandfather - up in lights on a wall.

To mark the WWI centenary the Australian War Memorial is doing a Roll of Honour name projections of people who were killed. From 2014 - 2018 they're projecting all the names on the front of the building about 30 times each, and you can find out what time a particular name is up and trot along. As we did ... well, not me personally, because it was cold and raining, but my husband and number one son did. Their middle name is both Stafford, which is the first name of the great-grandfather who was killed, so he is certainly still remembered.

And a bit startlingly well-remembered last year, when the Liberal Party head office released an ANZAC day banner collage for members of parliament to use in their newsletters if they wanted. And plenty of them did - the one above is Steve Irons but there were quite a few others - featuring Stafford Greer in uniform before he went away and was killed - the baby is my husband's nana, who lived to her late nineties. It was quite startling for the family as they took their local members' newsletter to the recycling ... the member for Macquarie put her logo across nana's face. She lost her seat at the July election. Hah.

So we had a couple of lovely family dinners, and caught up with other friends who were down from Sydney for brunch, and it rained and rained which was wonderful. It was the end of term on Friday so the boys were tired and have done pretty much nothing all weekend. We will have to change that soon ... but not today.

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