Friday, April 21, 2017

The second half of Easter

Easter Saturday I bailed on my loving family and drove back up to Canberra to go to the National Folk Festival. After the success of my experimental day last year I'd bought tickets to the Sunday and Monday so left the painting behind (hahahaha) and went off for some banjo-plucking fun times.

Although I did think I'd made the wrong choice because it was so gorgeous when I left, and the sun was shining all the way back, and I do love being at the beach .... but I'd bought the tickets and Frugality First so off I went. And of course it was awesome. Just magic, just like last year. Perfect weather for starters - but freezing when the sun went down! I borrowed a peruvian scarf from a friend who is experienced in folk festival matters, and comes with a large bag of warm clothes.

I heard some fabulous bands of all shapes and sizes. There were big concerts and little concerts and pop-up concerts and the sign yourself up whiteboard in the bars, and buskers. The Folk Festival is a very broad church, and there was everything from punk-inspired, to deeply traditional, to more country, to strings, to harps, to Finnish accordions, to spoken voice, and choirs, and a capella and blues and this lot - a local band - who are 1930s-1950s cowboy jazz. Of course.

Not to mention the dancing - tango and scottish country and belly dancing and of course the Morris dancers. I still bloody love Morris dancers. I love their random dance-offs where all the groups join up for random things. I love that there were guys in dresses and one guy in what appears to be a sigmund and the sea monsters costume. I love that one guy forgot to put his beer down and someone knocked it with a stick, and only one group (the Auckland City Morris Dancers, they had a kiwi on their braces) thought that the dance involved roaring at each other in the middle, and some guys had hats with flowers on them and one bloke did the whole thing in a prussian helmet. Love it.

I caught up with a few friends there which made it even more special - we could go to concerts together or wander off then wander back for some food and a chat. I did two full days and had so much fun. Next year a season ticket! The full five days! Do I have the stamina?


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  1. Who'd have thought it would be so much fun - but glad it was. I say go for the season pass!