Sunday, June 12, 2016

The plague

I've had a bloody awful week - down with the same horrible cold that the kids have had - also known as the "6W plague" because half of number two's class have had it. When I went to pick him up ten days ago from school he was lolling feebly in sick bay with one of his little mates - it was a deeply pathetic scene .... take two eleven year old ham actors and a snuggly blanket and see how sorrowfully they can cough. I shouldn't mock because it was quite a genuine illness, and karma has now given it to me, and I've had a rough time of it; two days off work for the fever, than a day back feeling better, before going downhill again with a horrible cough and the last four days back in bed not doing much of anything.

It's a long weekend here and we were going to go down the beach but I had to cancel it, so the boys are a bit bored and fractious, and I am barely alert enough to do the basics of boy and pet feeding, let alone provide any entertainment for anyone. Certainly no sewing or anything interesting to report! I am saving up my strength for an outing to the library this afternoon because number two's books are overdue, but that will wipe me out for another 24 hours. At least I've had a shower today....


  1. That sounds awful :-( I hope you find some good books to make it worth going out.

  2. Whoa. I'm sorry that you and your house have been so ill! One of the most frustrating aspects of being ill and having to tend to others, who are also ill is trying to take care of yourself at the same time. I hope you all get better. Just stay warm with a cup of cocoa! Always does it for me.