Sunday, June 26, 2016

Proper winter and some sewing

I can now say it is proper winter in Canberra - minus five last night and a high of 8 degrees today - that is not very warm! And it is cloudy and bleak, unlike yesterday which was a proper sparkling winter's day. I went for a run yesterday morning in short sleeves even though it was only four degrees ... I know from experience that if the sun is shining then it doesn't matter what the air temperature is, I am going to get BOILING HOT. Because I have a minimum two-inch layer of insulating blubber everywhere on my body - I have been caught before with thinking I needed a long-sleeved top and ended up boiled like a lobster. Skinny people run (past me, at speed) with gloves and ear muffs and neck warmers but I know better. Here are the trees round the lake, completely bare of leaves and very wintry, but the air was sparkling and crisp.

I have resolved to make ten baby quilts for the craft fair at the school fete later this year, which is one every two weeks, which should be perfectly possible. Here is the first one before I pinned it up for quilting. It's quite fun picking out patterns and colours and making a nice small quilt before moving on to the next one. I can experiment a little bit, and use up some scraps.

And I have just started six weeks of long service leave! Isn't that a long time? I have been hoarding my leave, and just sort of watching it grow, but then when I realised how quiet my work was going to be until Parliament sits again, I thought why not? Part of it will be school holidays, and for the rest I have an extremely long list of projects and chores and things I want to get done. Our development application for another bedroom down the beach house got approved, so there might be some building work to supervise too (although probably not, we will have to wait until the builder fits us in). In the meantime though I have a Very Big List On The Fridge to work through ... and another nine baby quilts.


  1. A baby quilt every two weeks. Yes... I'm sure you can. I'm sure I couldn't.

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