Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Project Number One

The one big thing I want to get done over the next few weeks is paint the hallway - doesn't it sound simple? If only we didn't have a peculiar three-level 1970s open-plan house ... so it is three hallways and the entrance, with stairs, and if you do one bit you have to do it all. So we are doing it all - next week, which will be school holidays and we can do it as a happy piece of family togetherness. Truly.

The first step is to decide which of the million shades of white we want. The grey-whites are very modern, and apparently go well with wood, but a lot of the hallways get no natural light, so it might be a bit dim and cool. But the very warm creams look very old-fashioned to me, so maybe the bright whites? Who knows? I got some sample pots so the next step is to paint squares at strategic points and peer at them over the next few days. The children are no help - number one son likes the one that is most like the current colour, and number two is outraged we're not being a bit bolder. Navy! Aqua! Fuchsia! I tell him when he has his own house he can paint the walls whatever colour he likes, but I'm not living with three fuchsia hallways.

Two days of my six weeks has gone very pleasantly. I know that I am going to get to the end of the time and think what on earth did I do with it all, so I will list out each day's doings at the end of posts on the blog here and then I will know. And hopefully I will have achieved more than I think I did. I won't include laundry and cooking because that is a constant, and I apologise in advance because it will be boring (as opposed to the rest of my blog? What?). Here is the material I made the tablecloth from.

Monday: a 6 km run,  hardware for sample pots, mall for groceries and other random bits, wrote a draft submission on the neighbour's development application (too big and too close), quilted a baby quilt and knitted a dishcloth.

Tuesday: sorted three bags of clothes for the Salvos and dropped them off, walked slowly around IKEA for two hours, met my husband for lunch, went to the National Gallery for the Dianne Arbus exhibition (very interesting) and the Fiona Hall biennale exhibition (quite disturbing), made a tablecloth from IKEA material, sent the submission off to the Shire Council.

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  1. That is heaps done already - I would have put the submission off for much longer I'm sure (or was it due today ;-)?
    Am laughing at your paint colours discussion - that is why our long rambling hallway is still the same gross wallpaper as when we shifted in nearly 20 years ago, and the 'kids' bedrooms are variously - orange and yellow, lime green, purple and green, and black, white and red - and they don't even live here anymore!!!