Friday, June 17, 2016

Still coughing

Slowly slowly getting back to something like health - but still a long way off it - and sounding like typhoid mary hacking up a lung at work. My husband went away for the long weekend down to Melbourne in a minivan with his scale model society, and came back with the bug and has been at home all week. Which is one of the reasons I'm at work despite the cough - it is peaceful and warm here and nobody wants to talk to me. So a very quiet few days all round. I felt like doing something completely brainless and konmari'd my cardigans into a drawer.

Aren't they pretty? In the interests of blog honesty I will take another photo of that drawer in three months time and we can see how well it lasted. It does make them much easier to see. Number two son drew himself a t-shirt with fabric markers. There are all sorts of things on there, which he explained to me, although he admitted that "some were random".

Hopefully a nice restful weekend will put me back on the up. I am so sick of this cough, and it's making it hard to sleep, so I'm tired and cranky ...

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  1. I'm deeply impressed at the number of cardigans you have. And the son's art.