Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The middle of Canberra

We had the most glorious winter weather on Sunday - clear and sunny - so we went for a walk up Mount Painter with friends.  This is in the middle of Canberra; it was so clear we could see all the way to the southern most suburbs in one direction and right up to the north in the other. There's nothing much to the west (yet .... Canberra continues to sprawl).

This is to the east, where the city centre is, and the main lake. We stopped for a snack and to admire the view (it was twenty minutes in, the 4 km walk took about two hours, although that might be because of the dog).

Just gorgeous, but it's been back to rain and wind and cold ever since. My battle against the washing continues (I'm losing) - I put a load on this morning and about ten minutes in the power went off. It was a scheduled outage but I just ignore the notices because they don't usually happen ... except this time. Bloody washing.

I have reached the end of the scraps tub - not the end of the scraps but the end of my patience. I got pretty close though, and made exactly 100 twelve inch square blocks. Which would make an enormous ten foot square quilt - or possibly a more sensible eight foot square one, and some blocks for another project. As the scraps got smaller the blocks got more interesting (and took MUCH longer to sew). I also threw out mountains of tiny little bits of fabric that would be completely impossible to use. What was I thinking? I am resolved on a much more focussed attitude to my solids scraps from now on.

And my batting arrived. I'd forgotten how huge 30 m of batting is, so it's taken over my sewing room a bit. The poor people down the local post office were pleased when we picked it up - they have hardly any room and the suburb as a whole is very fond of ordering cases of wine in the mail then leaving them at the post office until they get round to collecting them... unfortunately they know us all by sight so I can't claim anything that's not actually addressed to me.


  1. i love the scenic pictures. looks like the kids were having a good time, too.

    you should see me wrestling with the roll of batting i got in paducah! it's 4 feet high and is 30 yards, so i have to give it a bear hug and walk blindly into the room with it! thankfully it was up high on top of things in the basement when we had all that water come in. that would have made me mad if it got wet since it's expensive.

    can't wait to see what you do with all those crumb blocks! wow, you are on a roll with them! i burn out on making them, and doubt i would ever have gotten to 100.

  2. Looks lovely. A sewing room... now, there's something I shall never have, alas.

    Gosh, your verification thingie is hard!