Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Frustrations overcome

After a couple of hours of swearing I finally remembered what worked last time - adjusting the little screw on the darning foot that determines how lightly (or heavily) the foot is sitting on the fabric. I had completely forgotten that my machine prefers a bit of pressure on the quilt or else it skips all over the place. Not very interesting I know - but I'm writing it down here so that next time it happens I can remind myself! See how useful blogs can be?

I've also been working through my first ever set of Craftsy classes. Other people had raved about them, so I thought I would give it a go, and bought "The Secrets of Free Motion Quilting" with Christina Cameli, which is six thirty minute classes on free motion quilting. I'm really enjoying it - she is an engaging presenter and I'm getting some good ideas from the different quilting designs.  And you can put her on 30 second repeat for as long as it takes to understand something .... or make her go at 4x normal speed if it's a bit boring. Much better than real life lessons; and I will go on and do some more I think, in the future. It was about $30, so excellent value.

The other frustration I managed to overcome was the beach weekend failure - the boys really could not be bothered going down just for a day so I went down Sunday afternoon on my own and had two days of solitude and mini break! Work could spare me for a couple of days so I enjoyed some beautiful weather, long walks, chick flicks and wine. Fabulous ... and nobody at the beach. Despite the sunshine I couldn't quite bring myself to swim. Probably lovely once you were in; it's just the getting in I was worried about.


  1. how totally wonderful to just go and decompress and relax! love it! oh, i want to share with you a blog i found - check it out. it's lori kennedy's blog and she has tons of ideas for quilting designs. right now there's a lot of stuff from her trip to quilt market, but just keep scrolling back and you will get to the good stuff. now i'm getting absolutely nothing done at work because i want to doodle all day... haha.

  2. I am, I have to confess, ever so slightly encouraged when I read that your machine doesn't always cooperate for you. Don't get me wrong - I'm delighted that you've won. But it makes me feel better. My thread has a tendency to break, and now that the eyesight isn't what it was, it's a pain to rethread it, especially in artificial light. Not that I ever do free-motion quilting, no no no no no. My machine would pack its bags and leave if I asked it to do anything complicated.

    Do you know that your non-robot thing now asks one to identify particular foods from tiny pictures? Gah. Oh no, it's back to numbers again. Hooray. I'm not that great at differentiating quiches from flans, or whatever.

  3. this is a trial - I think I've turned the damn captcha nonsense off (it wanted me to do ice creams? wtf?) but let me know...