Sunday, May 3, 2015

More holidays

So we ended up having a week at the beach, and despite the appalling weather we all had a very good time. We got the back end of the dreadful storms in Sydney that basically washed the whole city into the ocean - it lashed us too but the sand just drained it all away. We surely did not go swimming though - this is the ocean. Rough and big swells and generally very unappealing!

Lots of DVDs and books, and we did a bit of exploring. There are a couple of towns to the south that we've never gone to, so the boys and I went to Bodalla. Which is a tiny little place with a lavender shop, an art gallery, a petrol station, a pub and a tie-dye shop. I wouldn't have thought the boys would be interested but they were quite happy to amble. We finished it up at a terribly cute little cafe. Yes, that is bunting. More sugar in the decor than in the chocolate caramel slice number one son polished off.

The next day we ventured a bit further to Narooma - which is a lovely wee town about forty minutes down the road. It was a back up option when we were buying because it's really nice, just a bit further  away from Canberra. The sun was finally shining by then and we went for a walk along the breakwater. Number one had charge of the camera - isn't this artistic? Finally a photo of me, and it's all blurry.

The big treat of the breakwater was completely unexpected - fur seals!! I had no idea, but there they were, basking happily on the rocks. They are Australian fur seals, or possibly New Zealand fur seals, I'm not entirely clear on the difference. We just sat and watched them for ages - mostly they were soaking up the sun but every now and again they would smack each other with their flippers. Or stand up and "ark!ark!ark!" and then lumber over the rocks and smack each other with their flippers again. Awesome to watch, although they stank like the otter enclosure at the zoo. They say seal fur is wonderful and waterproof but I bet it reeks.


  1. Hi Lynsey, I am a mad quilter as well and I am at present travelling with your delightful dad in the UK. I have commenced my travels with the Nantes quilt festival, my blog spot.s

  2. gotta ask...what is a lavender shop? when we visited san francisco, california a couple years ago we saw seals (not the furry variety) near fisherman's wharf. they were fun to watch, and we were upwind, so didn't have to smell them! haha. so glad you are enjoying your vacation property. i'm a bit (okay a LOT) jealous! haha.