Sunday, May 17, 2015

Solids again

The tops are starting to pile up, so I went to the local quilt shop to buy batting, but they didn't have the stuff I like to use. And there is nowhere else round here to buy it, so I ordered it on the internet, which means a week or so wait. But I can't just sit around in my sewing room doing nothing, so I made a new top from solid fabrics. It's based on Molli Sparkles Mood Ring although I didn't use his method. I don't like the extra seams in the corners, so I just made quarter square triangles from 3" strips.

It's all fiery colours - I pulled about fifteen that I thought looked good together and then removed all the blues, which heated it up no end. But it didn't take very long and I was still in the mood for solids, so I started making crumb / scrap blocks from the offcut bin. This was largely prompted by the fact that when I stuffed the offcuts from the first top in I couldn't actually jam them down it was so chockers; so I have had a very happy couple of days making twelve inch blocks in solids. Nice and big because some of the scraps are quite large, and I don't feel like cutting them any further. Here's the tub, less full than it was.

I am going to make a ginormous king size top for our bed out of them. At the moment I think I'll just jam them all together without any sashing or any other pattern so it will just be a nine foot square of glorious scrappiness … but I'll trial it and see. At the moment I'm just sewing and sewing and sewing, I have a mad plan to get to the bottom of the tub, but that might be just crazy talk. I keep stopping and admiring the alchemy of turning the tub full of basically trash into something both functional and beautiful … to my eyes anyway.

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  1. good luck getting to the bottom of the scrap bin! i have the sneaky suspicion my scraps multiply like rabbits...

    the blocks you are making look very nice. bright and cheery, that's for sure!