Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Spring weekend

My husband continued his birthday fiesta of not-working by flying up to Brisbane for a long weekend to catch up with family and go to his cousins' 40th birthday party.  He had a great time, and the boys and I had a quiet couple of days at home. There were a few friends over (theirs, not mine) and on Sunday we went to Floriade. Spring in Canberra! Hayfever, wind and Floriade.

We parked on the south side of the lake and walked over to avoid the crowds. A good decision, because there were MASSES of people there. We wandered around and looked at the flowers, but could not be bothered with the queues for the ferris wheel, so we'll go back a bit later on during the school holidays when it's quieter. Fairy floss was a consolation prize.

And when the pansies have died back and the daisies take their place. And when the tulips are out.

One walk was full of giant freaky inflatable white flowers. Up in the trees and looming out of the bushes. With spiky bits and fangy bits. Number two son thought they were a bit strange and gloomy but I really liked them.

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