Sunday, September 21, 2014

Another Sunday, another trig point

Off we trotted on another walk today - in a different part of Canberra with a very different view - but the same kind of trig point. It was hot! Now that spring has kicked in you notice the walks that don't have much shade. Number two was getting a bit fed up with the hill, which is why he has on grumpy face in this photo.

Canberrans do love to dam a random stream and put in an artificial body of water. These two photos are standing in exactly the same spot on the dam wall - one to the north and one to the south. On one side is the inevitable consequence of suburban town planning by committee (fairly hideous, but at least there's a lot of open space, and a lake) and the other side is just an ordinary piece of scrappy countryside.

Both quite different.

Other than that, I am sewing away on a low-volume quilt - which is whites and neutrals and light soft colours. Low-volume is very trendy, but cream-coloured quilts are terribly old-fashioned. I suspect I have accidentally made the latter rather than the former. I'll put a photo up when I'm done and let the internet decide.

I tried to stuff some leftovers into my scrap bucket, and couldn't because it was too full, so I spent a very happy couple of hours making lots and lots of crumb blocks. I didn't make much of a difference to the bucket, but a bit ...  I can get it back in the bookcase now.

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  1. your crumb blocks look like they will make up a nice quilt. i'm not too big on the labels everyone insists on putting on things, so whatever it turns out being, it's yours and that's all that counts!

    how's the floor coming along? we finished one room. three more to go... agh.