Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Much more me

After the pointless quilt I made another one. I made it quickly, and technically quite poorly, and I put together whatever I felt like and stopped when I thought it was done.

And of course I like it heaps better. It is much more me, in colour and design and eye-ball burning luridness. Colours that don't really go so well, and lots of scrap blocks. And pink chevrons! Yellow lemons! Yay! Making this quilt made me happy. I quilted it all over in a random kind of design thing. Movement and curves, not lines.

And it also passed the not-very-rigorous boy and cat test.

In case you're wondering why this photo seems a bit close up, we are currently living in very close quarters crammed into our family room - off the kitchen - while we re-do the floors in the living and dining rooms. We had to move all the furniture out because they need to do a new thin concrete layer on the slab; so we stuffed ourselves into the wee family room ... apart from the sofa, which wouldn't fit. So we put it outside with the TV table and the rabbits. What could possibly go wrong?

Here we are having some quality evening family time. It's actually quite cosy, but almost impossible to keep clean and we keep losing things as they get piled on top of other things. More space is much easier to live in.

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  1. i really, really like that quilt! i think i would name it raspberry lemonade... yup, i feel your pain about redoing the floors! we have the carpet all out of the living room and sitting room. there's about one more wall's worth of tack strips to be pulled up, then the cleaning of the floors will begin. we are going to have to paint over the old floor with some kilz brand paint which is odor and stain blocking. that's because of all the previous pet accidents. then, hopefully we will have smooth sailing laying the new laminate flooring. right? hahahaha