Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Here is the cream "low-volume" one - I probably shouldn't have tried to take a photo with the sun behind it. It looks a bit transparent (it's not really). Simple squares, little and big. I called it "Old Man's Corgi".

Quilted in straight lines. I like it overall, it's quite dainty and soft. I even found a cream print to put on the back, so it matches all through (unusually).

It's the last week of term here so the boys are a bit tired and looking forward to a break. I was meant to be travelling again but it's been postponed a few weeks - which is actually a bit of a relief! It feels like I have a bit of unexpected spare time, both at work and at home; although I'm sure I'll manage to twiddle it away in my usual fashion. I spent three hours in furniture shops this afternoon thinking about rugs, cushions, chairs and possibly a wood burning stove ... didn't buy anything and just about had homeware meltdown! Where everything looks the same and your eyes go a bit crossed.

The cat likes the new quilt, bless her furry little paws.

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  1. i really like the quilt! i think i might just have to do one in neutrals and creams now. cute kitty. do you have a source of wood for the woodburner or would you have to buy the wood?