Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wonky nine-patch

I finished my wonky nine-patch! Here is the obligatory clothesline photo ... I must get into some serious quilt photography. I'm sure my things would look much better properly prepped, lit and airbrushed ... actually I would probably look much better properly airbrushed. Perhaps I can start with the quilts and work my way towards humans.

Here's a close-up of the big stitch which I had much fun with. I did heaps of it while we were watching "Hugo" on DVD - what a lovely movie. I thought it might be too slow for the boys but they sat all the way through. We took them actually out to the cinema last weekend to see "The Avengers" which was silly and explosive and loud. I think it is the very first time all four of us have been to see a movie together; and it wasn't really my cup of tea (or number two son's either, he's still a bit little for lots of scary explosions). But it's another milestone - like the first time we actually had dinner in a restaurant as [reasonably] civilised humans. 

I've been making some more dresden plate blocks. Number one son took the last green and yellow and grey dresden plate quilt for his teacher, who has just had a little baby (well, his wife did, but you know) so I thought that gave me a justification to make another one! I made the plates smaller and the centre circle a bit bigger, which gives it quite a different look. I'm only doing four blocks, just another baby quilt I think.

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  1. ohhh, that big center for the dresden plate looks like it's a sunflower! really nice. i'm not brave enough to try a dresden plate yet.