Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Still liberated

Although this doesn't really look that liberated, but I guess liberation is a state of mind, and not so much of a design actuality. I am rolling with the concept of a liberated medallion here - where you start with a middle, and then add bits. I already had the yellow middle block (crown of thorns? something like that) from when I was thinking about doing a yellow quilt, before I realised I could not restrict myself to a single colour. At least not happily.

And then added the other borders, and it may need at least one more.... It is fun and I am enjoying doing it! No reason, no plan, just whacking it all together.

I completely LOVE my new ironing station - and just having those four extra boxes has given me somewhere to poke all the crap that was on the floor, and the whole room is better. The cleaner was even able to vacuum in there yesterday for the first time this year (normally I just close the door and mumble "it's better not to look"), and the room just glows. Will it last? Hell no.

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