Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sometimes I amaze myself

This is how my sewing and ironing was set up yesterday - a bit messy obviously - but also not working real well. The ironing board took up a lot of space in my tiny sewing room, and I didn't need that much ironing surface.

So I went to Bunnings yesterday morning, which was packed full of happy people at the start of a long weekend, buying things for their project. It had a lovely vibe, quite different from the Monday when they're back there buying things that they didn't realised their project needed and everything is going horribly wrong ... and I found what I needed, and someone to help me, and the other things that I needed, and it was all perfect! How often does that happen?

Then I built this little flat pack unit (with a lot of help from my husband, who only said "are you READING the instructions?" once, in exasperation), then made an ironing board to sit on top of it, with a sheet of melamine, some wool wadding and a staple gun! I bought a staple gun specially from Bunnings, I've never had one before. It is SO COOL. I'm looking around for things to staple today (cat looks nervous...)

And now I have a storage unit with an ironing station on top, and it all worked, and it only took a couple of hours, and I am so impressed with myself, even though on the scale of handyness it doesn't really rate. And I've been looking for a way to use this fabric for ages - I love it but I thought it would lose its impact being cut up. So now I get to look at it every day! Until it goes all manky and burnt, but then I can replace it ... using my staple gun!!! The fun never stops.


  1. run, kitty, run! haha

    your mini ironing board looks great! bet you get a lot of use out of it. that fabric reminds me of coral in the ocean.

  2. Oh you are clever and funny and you've cheered me up.

    Why don't I have a sewing room? I just have rooms full of other people (who have now left home)'s stuff.