Sunday, June 17, 2012

Never met a potato chip I didn't like ...

...until now that is. This is something called a potato chip quilt - I think it's made the same way as those jelly roll race quilts. Basically you sew heaps of strips together end to end until you have one really long strip (this was about 25 metres), then you sew it together along the long edge - cutting it when you reach the end. Then you sew that strip together along its long edge, and again and again and again, halving the length but doubling the width each time, until you reach something that's kind of squarish possibly. I used a selection from the 1 1/2" strip bag, with some green squares for some coherence, and ended up with this.

Which is pretty damn hideous. I realised I would never be bothered bordering and batting and quilting and binding it, so I was about to chuck it in the bin when I thought - cushion cover! I had a very mangy orange cushion in the family room, so I covered it, it took ten minutes (didn't bother with a zipper or anything, when it gets too dirty I'll chuck it out) and there you go ... a cushion cover.

The family room (and the cushions) turned into the Island of Sodor last weekend - we had friends stay with a younger boy - so that was a great excuse to get the Thomas the Tank Engine set back out! My boys are officially too old to play with it (according to them) but if someone a bit younger is interested, then they'll allow themselves to become engaged, after a suitable period of reluctance :) We all had fun.

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  1. Gosh. If I ever did anything as timeconsuming as that, I would not throw it out when it got dirty. I would do the zip thing, or possibly unstitch it and wash it and stitch it up again. Anyway, it's very cheery.

    One of these days, I must do some patchwork. Once my life is my own again. (Will that ever happen?)