Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stripey quilt finished!

All done and quilted and bound - although I skimped a bit on the quilting! This one is headed for a boy's bed (in fact it's there already) so I didn't do very dense quilting. In my experience it makes them a bit stiff and not snuggly enough. Maybe I'm using the wrong batting? I stitched in the ditch of most of the borders, and that will just have to hold it together as best it can.

I washed and dried it too, so it's looking loved and lived-in already. I have a stack of stripey blocks left over - perhaps a baby quilt? For a particularly groovy baby? Here's a slightly more straight-on shot. My Dad is staying at the moment, and he says it looks dainty and light with the dot borders. That's probably better than eyeball-burning, which was how it looked without the dot.

Number two son had to write a character description of someone at school - he chose Grandad (my Dad) - and described him as a "tall eager person". Isn't that classic? (He also did one of his father which said "My Dad spends a lot of time in his room making model airplanes. The rest of the time he plays on his iphone". Father of the Year Award? Maybe not.)

In the interests of science I machine sewed the binding ... experimentation and all that. I don't mind the look of it but the corners are very very bodgy. When I hand sew the front corners are lovely and I don't care what goes on at the back; and after doing that for twenty years when I try and reverse the process (i.e. sewing the binding to the back then folding it over to the front) I end up with beautiful corners on the back and a dog's breakfast on the front. I had to put a few stitches in one of the corners by hand to keep it from unravelling ... which I didn't see in ANY of the on-line machine binding tutorials. Shall I persevere with it to the point where it becomes adequate? Who can say.

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  1. Your quilt has turned out beautifully Lynley- perfect for a boy's bed. Aren't kids hilarious!! A friend of mine turned up at pre-school one day, to find out that her daughter had told everyone during show and tell that: "Mummy plays pool and drinks beer all day". Poor Roz had a job living that down!!