Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kiwi heritage

I've been channelling my New Zealand upbringing in a big way this weekend - mostly by watching four rugby games in the last 48 hours (and there's another one tonight). All good games too - except for the Wallabies first half against Italy - and there's another six weeks before the Rugby World Cup ends!!! So much fun ... I don't watch much sport on television normally but this has completely sucked me in ALREADY.

We've paid for the extra sports channels from Foxtel specially for this and it's already been worth the money. Watch my butt spread over the sofa (although I might get the wool felt cushion cover finished, which would be great, because it has been taking far too long already and I'm getting bored with it).

The other Kiwi-ness I've been displaying was some serious baking. Here's the orange cake (after cutting, but it was no oil painting before cutting - how does the mixture get under the lining paper? Messy).

Chocolate brownie (couldn't get it before cutting either, but that was because it was too delicious to wait).

And scones. They were even ...wait for it ... Jo Seagar's Country Scones. They practically leapt off the plate saying "go the Allblucks, eh".

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