Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I've started putting all my stripey blocks together. I did trim the dog ears in the end - it was getting too wild and woolly even for me - and now I'm sewing them together medallion-style. I was originally going to use a stripe for the borders between the blocks but it was so busy it made my eyes bleed. Wildly headache-inducing, which is not what you want for a quilt. Then I tried some solids, but it looked a bit boring. So I have ended up with a black and white dot - patterned but not too much so, and hopefully a nice relief from the mismatched stripes.

I'm at home with a snotty-nosed child today; he kept coughing pathetically (and did look like a bag of shit to be honest) so he's been lying in the sun reading all day. And instead of going into work I'm paying the bills and getting the paperwork under control. I think I'd rather be at work ... at least there I get to spend someone else's money.

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  1. Love your wonky stripes!! Hope your son is feeling better soon.