Sunday, May 1, 2011

Curse you, world

Here is some depressingly useful sewing - headwraps! The chemo has kicked in and I am now an unappealingly hairless mixture of stubble and mange. In my pre-chemo buying frenzy (because EVERY human activity is tolerable if you've shopped for the right clothes) I bought a lovely knit headwrap - but there were only a couple of prints and I wanted more! One for every outfit! So Easter Saturday I bought some stuff at Spotlight and made some more. They don't look very exciting on the ground.

Much better on my head.

I also bought some squares of lawn/voile and hemmed them; for when I want the cleaning-lady look. I also have fancy scarves, and hats, and I will get a wig too - although I'm not too thrilled with the wig concept. But sometime in the next six months I might want to go out without being quite unmistakably a cancer patient. The pale blue voile is a beautiful print, just slightly too light for quilting I think.

Although I am very impressed at my cleverness, I can't help feeling that the world is not right, and I am one of nature's donors of half-arsed charity craft items for the infirm... not a recipient.

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