Sunday, May 29, 2011

In which I show another character flaw

I think this guilty pleasure shows that I am not a good person, although I'm not entirely sure how. I am sure several of the deadly sins are involved, but which ones? This is what I do. When I'm reading my way through the quilting blog world (and it's been a chemo week, so I've been doing much more reading than sewing) I stop when they mention a town. Perhaps where they live, or where they shop, or work, or someone is visiting from there.

And then I go to, and see what I could buy if I sold up and chose to move there. Now this is only fun if you currently live in an area of unrealistically overpriced real estate, like me, and you can imaginary-shop for all these amazing mansions on vast tracts of land with bathrooms for everyone in the house including the cats. Is this stupid? Yes. Do I have a job in rural Iowa? No. Would I want to live there anyway? No. But if I did.... I could buy a big damned house. And when it comes to big houses, domestic comfort and some seriously swagged interior curtaining, there is nothing like the US of A.

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  1. Thanks for the comments on my LIb Amish quilt. Your writing here is very funny, I like your humor. Yes, coping is a very good word, I hope you keep your spirits up and kick that crap out of your body! I get the Country Living mag and go right to the real estate page first to see where, this month, I am going to move to. I check out seven different states, and then I remind myself I have no friends there and no job in any of these places!