Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I've long admired the folk art applique of Sue Spargo and those like her - it is colourful and free and interesting to look at. But I was intimidated ... I'm not an embroider and I don't know any fancy stitches or embellishment techniques. And some of the really cool stuff looks fearsomely complicated. But a few weeks ago I thought - bugger it, why don't I just try something simple and if it doesn't turn out it doesn't matter. So I ordered in some pieces of wool-blend felt.

25 colours from Feltorama. The wool blend isn't as nice as the pure wool, or the felted woven wool, but it's a fraction of the cost. If I get really into this I'll get some of the nice stuff.

I also bought some background - it looks quite grey in both the photo and real life but it's actually a khaki weft with white warp. I wanted something neutral and neither light nor dark. I'm going to make a 60 x 60 cm cushion cover with maybe flowers and stuff on it! At this stage I think I'll be sticking to blanket and running stitch but if I'm feeling adventurous I might branch out into feather stitch or something. I don't know how to do that but, frankly, how hard can be when I have the whole internet to teach me. The real question is - do I start now when I really want to, or do I be a good girl and finish the hexies first.

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