Friday, April 29, 2011

Why do I blog?

I've been reading a few posts on blogging, trying to make money from craft and design, the pros and cons of advertising and charging for tutorials. There have been some wonderfully honest and thought-provoking reads out there (looking at you and it's made me think - why do I blog? And this is what I came up with.
  • For me. So I don't forget what I've done. I know this is the universal cry of people who have NO readers - but it's true for me. Without a record I forget my quilts, especially the quick ones that I do for presents.
And, equally importantly, what are not my reasons for blogging?
  • I will never make money out of this. I have a well-paid government job that I enjoy. Even if quilting could bring in an equivalent amount of dosh (and it couldn't) I like going into an office and using my non-creative-brain-side and my qualifications.
  • I'm not contributing a single waft of inspiration to the crafting community. Everything I do has been done by someone else already - and I don't have techniques or tutorials that would add anything to the world.
So there you go. For now, the blogging world and me are in a happy balance of mutual low expectations.

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  1. Very interesting...that's exactly the same three reasons I'd put too!