Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Words! On a quilt!!

I have finally finished the hand quilting on this one - I'm going to call it "Work-life balance" because the phrases on the outer border are my take on the generic selection criteria the Australian Public Service likes to inflict on its poor applicants for recruitment. I seem to have spent slightly too much time on selection panels this year! And it was sucking into my quilting time.

It's a pretty straightforward design - chinese coins in bars in the middle and then the words forming the border. I love this green and dyed a lot of it last summer; it's very fresh and limey. I know I said earlier that I have trouble with words on a quilt but this one just seemed to want them. And it was fun to do.

I'm thinking I will enter this one in the exhibition this August - it's a bit different and I'm proud of the hand quilting. I tried to actually get my stitches even and small (normally I don't even bother trying :) and although my success varied there are some bits that look good. Another forty years to perfect it I think!


  1. Looks great. The words make the whole quilt fabulous! great hand quilting!

  2. i love words on quilts~you can see some recently I posted wtih them.

  3. wonderful. the letters look great and are an absolute hoot. your quilting is fab. Congrats!!!! and good luck getting it in a show.