Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blues today!

I'm balancing out all my yellows and oranges with blues and greens ... so far the unbleached calico seems to be dyeing nicely. I hope it's OK to sew with - it's a little bit coarse but by the time it's been through the hell of the dyeing process it's usually softened up a bit.

I went out to Spotlight on Tuesday for the usual fiesta of rummaging through piles of crap and rolls of fabric scattered everywhere to see if I could find what I wanted. Eventually I found something that looked like white cotton but it didn't have a tag ... it did have a barcode so I trotted it up to the counter to see if they could look it up on the system and tell me if it was cotton or polycotton. But they couldn't - the barcode was for something completely different.

I swear it is the most disorganised shop I have ever seen - and there are hundreds of them round the country and they are all, universally, messy and disorganised. It's awful. Anyway I didn't get the fabric - it didn't crumple very much so I thought it was probably a polyester blend and a bit unpredictable for dyeing. Apparently they'll get new stock in couple of weeks so I'll be back out there! I never learn.

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