Sunday, January 9, 2011

And here come the greens

It's raining today so I put the greens to dry on the drying rack inside rather than the line. It makes for a slightly less appealing picture! I'm pleased with these greens - there is one deep foresty green that I really like, and haven't made before.

I've run out of white fabric now so I'll have to call a halt for a while until I can re-stock. That might mean waiting until the end of the school holidays! The boys really really hate going to fabric stores, and I can't say I blame them. Either I'm dithering around unable to choose what I want, or there is an enormously long queue at the cutting tables ... or both. And then I spend half the time shrieking at them for playing chase in the sewing machine section and pushing all the threads back into the rack as far as they can. I can usually only lure them to a quilt shop via a pet store, or maybe with an ice cream for bait at the end.

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