Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Monochromatic challenge FAIL

Well, I tried. I do love yellow, and I was very excited about using different shades of yellow to make a small orange peel quilt - two tones working together and circles and stuff. BUT I pulled the yellow hand-dyed, and the greeny-yellow, and the orangey-yellow and none of it had a high enough contrast for the pattern. So I halfway abandoned it and put a lovely soft denim-blue with the yellow - which was nice, but a bit obvious. Yellow and blue do look well together but it wasn't what I was after. Then I tried this peachy / apricot with the blue and it looks awesome! A real 1980s colour combination, in fact I think my first quilt in 1988 was apricot and blue. And cream, possibly. I must drag it out and take photos of it - we need a laugh.

So, the orange peel are blocks are orange and blue, and I'm having fun making them. This is the first time I have done freezer paper applique (except it's not freezer paper, because I didn't have any, it's just some paper that was on the floor) and I'm enjoying it. It's a very simple shape, and my stitches aren't exactly invisible, but it's not the big mystery I thought it might be!

However, in terms of Judy's monochromatic challenge, I have emphatically failed!

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