Thursday, December 16, 2010


The ever-reliable Hancocks turned up another free shipping event last month, regular as clockwork. Actually, not that regular really, because it seems to be unpredictable ... you never know when the wonder will strike! I like that in a shop. So, as usual, I cleared out their clearance items at one yard each to get to the $75 or $100 or whatever their minimum is for free shipping. And then there's three or four weeks of breathless anticipation to see what actually turns up!
To be honest, I tend to forget I've ordered it, and then buy some more, and get surprised when 19 yards shows in the mailbox. Or, in this case, the carport. I have had MORE words with Australia Post in my ongoing battle for them not to leave stuff where people can nick it. Or it can be rained on. You'd think this would be quite simple, wouldn't you? Hahahahaha.

Luckily, no-one in my leafy and semi-retired suburb bothers to steal my mail. But they would if they saw what was in it! How good is this?

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