Friday, December 10, 2010

Hard at work, honestly

All I've been doing this week is sewing on those neutral string blocks for the mystery quilt ... and it's Friday already! What if I fall behind! The pressure! I did have to go away for work for a couple of days, which I will give as my reason for not a very interestingly quilty post. But we still need a photo - so here is me hard at work in some Pacific country! You can tell which one it is by the local beer ... Tusker, so must be Vanuatu.

I went to Spotlight this morning (had to go another route because the river was up ten metres... a whole nother story there) and they had 50% off dress calicos so I got fifteen metres of unbleached for dyeing! And another three metres of bleached extra wide (that was all they had left) so I am gearing up for a full-on dyeing frenzy. Bring it on....

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  1. Oh wow, I see it's WARM there. Pull out a beer for me, I'll be right over! Seriously, I am green with envy. Can I send you some crisp, refreshing, COLD air??