Monday, December 13, 2010

A good day for scouring

I love that they call pre-washing fabric for dyeing "scouring" it. It has such connotations of scrubbing it with something caustic in a big cauldron. Putting it in the washing machine and pressing the start button isn't quite the same.

But today was a very good day for drying - finally some sunshine after all the rain we've been having. This unbleached might be a bit coarse on reflection ... but I'm going to use it anyway! I have used every dodgy fabric from see-through lawn to melting polycotton to hideous polyester satins in my quilting before now, and I see no reason to balk at unbleached calico.

It is also a good day to sit on the steps to have your morning tea (if you're a boy) and roll on the dirty concrete and have your tummy tickled (if you're a fat tortoiseshell cat).

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