Friday, December 3, 2010

Dress form quilt ... from the vault

There's been no sewing because I've been away all week - so here's one from the vault! I made this late in 2007 for a friend's daughter for Christmas, I think she would have been five at the time. It's my version of the dress-form quilt that a few people have made ... I couldn't find either a pattern or any proper pictures at the time so just did it from very hazy memory. Fortunately it's not a difficult shape to draw.

It was heaps of fun if I remember rightly - matching the different scraps of fabric to the different styles of dresses and trying to make each one unique. Some are more successful than others definitely.
I like the one with the pink tiered ruffle skirt ... it's probably some kind of wish fulfilment of clothes that you could never wear in you're own life. Like paper dolls! I might see if the boys are interested in paper dolls ... chances are NO.

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  1. This would have been a lovely present. You haven't thought of doing a Dr Who or Star Wars version for boys?