Thursday, August 5, 2010

My sewing machine is getting mended

And so it's been a traumatic few days without sewing! It was not stopping when I lifted my foot off the foot control - just randomly keeping on sewing for a bit - which is kind of ignorable when you're piecing, but very unpleasant when you're trying to do some broderie perse flowers. Which I was.

So the machine went to the shop and I seized the opportunity to clear out the sewing room and polish it up. I did it two years ago when I re-painted but not since, and it was really quite disgustingly filthy. Dust! and fibres and sewing garbage and cat hair. And then, because I was still a bit bored, I refolded the fabric stash. Most of the fabric stash that is, not my hand-dyes - I was going to do them but they rang and said my machine was ready, so I loaded the kids in the car and went straight on down.

So this is my stash. It's very modest compared to some out there, and mostly one yard pieces. I think there's about 155 yards there, which is nothing really! It would only keep me going for about three years ... I think the minimum to be taken seriously in blogworld is enough to keep you going until the life expectancy of your youngest grandchild.... about another 120 years? Still, no need to shop just yet.

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