Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Purple drunkard's path

I've put the purple drunkard's path blocks together ... it looks quite random but took a bit of thought and re-arrangement. I tried to have a couple of runs of colour off each block - that is, going in two directions with the same purple to give some different shapes.

I like the yellow jags too - it's the same as the blue one I'm just about to finish; in fact it's from the same bit of cloth. A yellow with orange blotches. I haven't decided about the border for this yet - it's about 60" square so it probably only needs quite a narrow border. I suspect I'll do something simple and purple rather than pieced, but there's no rush! Once again I want to handquilt it, and it's in the growing queue (behind the medallion and the little pink pig ... ). At least the days are starting to get a bit more cool and autumnal, and I'll feel a lot more like sitting in front of the tv with a great blanket on my lap.

And why did I take the photos in the small awkward spot (I cropped out the toys and piles of washing)? Because my oven is sitting in the big space of the lounge room. My old, sad, dead, not working oven. This is not good, not good at all.

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  1. Just linked over from liberated amish and I LOVE this drunkar's path! Great colors and I especially like the movement you've achieved with your fun placements - Brava!