Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blue triangles done!!!

OK, nearly done, except for hand stitching the binding down. I've finished the hand quilting and put the binding on - and I'm saving the final binding stitches for the day time guild meeting next week. I think it will be a good straightforward sewing task while I smile nicely at the other ladies!!!

One without the flash, to show the quilting a bit more. It's quilted in large stitch using stranded embroidery cotton. This quilt is clearly inspired by Gwen Marston's Mexican Hat Dance - it's the same block but done in blues rather than brights, and with a random blocky border. The joy of the book (Abstract Quilts in Solid Colours ) is you just have to take your best pitch on how to make it. After much staring I decided just to take four squares, make three random cuts at about the same point and sew them back together to different ones of the four. Make perfect sense? Anyway, after a bit of headscratching it worked for me. I didn't like it though until I'd put the borders on ... funny how that turns out.

Today Dad and I went to the exhibition at the gallery - my sister and I went last month when she was over; so it was a chance for me to re-visit my favourites without feeling I had to study each picture learnedly. I do like to at least seem as if I'm thinking about each one, even though some definitely do not speak to me on any level. So I can look like I'm thinking "Interesting use of perspective and opposing colours to show depth" when I'm actually thinking "You call that a masterpiece? It looks like you just don't know how to draw, I wouldn't give you a dollar for it". Yep.

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