Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Sunset (with dog poo bag)

Here is a pretty sunset from Sunday evening. There had been a storm earlier, with hail and lots of rain (finally) but it cleared away into this pretty sky. I was trying to take number one son for a very overdue driving lesson but we gave it up after twenty minutes when the hail started. We haven't quite made it out of a big parking lot yet ... still concentrating on changing gears and turning corners at the same time. It is awkward.

Here he is holding a dog poo bag soulfully in one hand and a small fluffy dog on a lead in the other. I told him to gaze atmospherically at the sunset and this is what I got.

The weekend was spent mostly at home very quietly, which we were all quite grateful for. My husband had to go to the airport on Sunday to meet overseas participants for a course he's running, followed by lunch at the relevant embassy, but I didn't feel a lot of sympathy for working on a Sunday because I am not sure if "lunch at the embassy" is actually work. I went to book club - the book was "The girl with all the gifts" which most of us liked, but I didn't. It is actually quite a good book but it is zombie-themed and frankly it was too squishy for me. Too much eating of intestines and hiding in ceilings ... nothing wrong with the book itself but not my kind of thing.

I also did some fabric tidying. Having reduced my print fabrics from four cubbyholes to two, I am now on a mission to do the same with the hand dyed solids. I have three partially filled cubbyholes of solids, and on the weekend I took them out of colour order and arranged them in random order to get more inspiration. The plan was that there would be unexpected colours next to each other and I would get lots of ideas for new things. Instead it just looks like a complete mess ... but at least they are neatly folded now and I know what I have.


  1. Perhaps you should make a rainbow quilt for the change in weather. Mind you, I see you are back to 27 tomorrow - in May!

  2. Hmm, we are rumoured to get up to 17 by the end of the week - in May, which is of course nearly our summer. But then 27 would be TOO HOT for us cold-blooded Scots. Currently, it's still quite cold and even we feel we're being cheated.