Tuesday, May 8, 2018

48 hour beach escape

I quietly snuck off to the beach on Friday afternoon to get a fix of salt water, blue skies and a bit of much-needed serenity. I did ask if either of the kids wanted to come, but they didn't, so I just left. Ahhhh the peace and the quiet. It was absolutely lovely autumn weather - these are the poplars lining the road outside Braidwood.

I did intend to do some sewing and other useful things, but I ended up going for a couple of very long walks, and then I spent Saturday afternoon lying on the sofa, in the sun, with a book. All afternoon. Before cheese and crackers for dinner, and season two of The Durrells. Have you ever heard of such hedonism?
The water was too cold for me to think about swimming, even with a wetsuit. I paddled, and other people were in there enjoying themselves, but I couldn't be bothered. It was a very lethargic escape. We are back into the joys of budget week this week - I myself am not involved thank heavens but Parliament House is full of excited people....

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