Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Using the variegated wool

Lots of weaving and no working going on here, which is rather lovely! We have had some scorching hot days but it doesn't matter because there is nothing we are trying to achieve. Excellent. So I turned the yellow / red / orange into a checkered scarf.

There are three different oranges going on here - one plain orange with white, one yellow and red, and one yellow and red and brown. The plain orange one is probably the least interesting. I really like how they work against the white. It looks a bit like chalk on pavement, or oil pastels. The colour changes work quite well with no great blobs of a single colour (except for the orange that is). I did a symmetrical warp and weft - two stripes of each orange, then a bigger white gap, then two stripes of the next orange. That is, when I remembered, there are a couple of oops patches.

I have an orange jacket that I wear to work sometimes when I get bored of black and charcoal; and this scarf looks perfect with it! I will definitely wear this one too, when it cools down again, if it ever does.

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