Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas!

 We had a lovely quiet Christmas just the four of us together.  I didn't make it to the church service on Christmas Eve  to see my son and his nativity play - I'm afraid it takes more than my son being Joseph to get me inside a church. But he enjoyed it and there was a big turnout.  I am not sure what flavour church it was - hang on I just looked it up - Anglican.  Although I think he said he took mass? that doesn't sound right.  Religion what a nightmare.

 We spent Christmas eating just what we wanted to eat, having chocolate at inappropriate times, and playing with our presents.  It was 32° for most of the day - still 27 when we took the dog for a walk at 8 o'clock at night -  so we weren't very active. I can't seem to upload pictures -I'm doing this on my iPad.  It's a shame because my husband got a new pair of Doc Martens and he wore them all day to break them in - with his shorts - it looked very cute.  Then in the evening we watched Hunt for the Wilderpeople which was a very lovely movie and today we had friends around for brunch and now we are all watching the Doctor Who special. Our own traditions!


  1. Did you enjoy HFTW? We have chortle through it a couple of times, explaining the jokes as we go.

  2. I can't imagine a nice quiet Christmas. Oh, wait, we actually had one last year (and my husband really liked it...) but that was the first ever and I didn't really approve. Fifteen of us this year. Happy New Year!