Tuesday, December 13, 2016


So much to do, and not focussing on any of it. I'm not really getting ready for Christmas, or the holiday, or the beach. It's hot, and I'm tired, and nothing seems very appealing at the moment except a cold drink and a quiet sofa. I bailed on one set of Christmas drinks at the weekend because of having to run the children around places, despite spending most of the year whining that I have no friends and never get to go anywhere. We did have our annual christmas catch up with one group of friends - a perfect summer's afternoon of eating and drinking and playing games. Quoits over champagne bottles is traditional.

And school assemblies, and concerts, and picking the kids up from various non-educational activities (an afternoon of video games! outrageous). We had the year 6 graduation on Monday - after seven years of primary school they are a pretty tight-knit bunch. Which is great, but they're also heading off to a dozen different high schools. There was a bit of twelve-year-old-girl sobbing, probably excusably because it was from the twelve year old girls. Lots of photos. I went the other way and took one of the parents. Feeling not at all sobby, but quite pleased.

We are going to keep in touch. Most of these were graduating their youngest child so really the end of the era! Including for us, after 9 years with the school. And I can say hand on heart that my kids have had one of the best primary educations you can get, at the local public school. It has been amazing.

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  1. End of an era, all right. Hope you told the school about their amazing job.