Saturday, March 26, 2016

Restrained flags

So, New Zealand, the country of my birth, decided to keep its boring old flag that looks almost identical to Australia's, rather than go with a nice new flag that looks pretty cool and is uniquely NZ. Normally Kiwis aren't at all averse to change, having a strong why-the-hell-not streak, so I don't quite know what was going on there - there wasn't a big turnout of voters. However, I did finish up my restrained flag-based triangle quilt in honour of the vote.

It was very simple and easy and the quilting is basic baptist fans, and I really like this one. I will do that pattern again I think - when I want to use a limited range of fabrics and show them off. Here is a close-up of the union jack fabric in action. Waving.

And very unusually I had a matching backing fabric. This is Christmas cotton that I picked up from Spotlight for 80% off or something equally ridiculous. Most of the patterns were santas and stockings and obviously Christmas material, but I thought the stars didn't shriek yuletide in the same way, and I bought every scrap they had. Bargain!

I called this one "People and Murals are Strange" because people and murals ARE strange and there's no getting away from it. We are having a quiet Easter at home without going away or trying to achieve much, and so far so good, but I may be bored by tomorrow.


  1. We should just adopt your design for the new flag. The referendum got too tied up with politics in my opinion, many people voted against the new flag not because they want the current one, but just because it was too closely identified with John Key, and did look a bit like a national party logo. I like your simplified baptist fan, did you mark it or use a guideline to keep the rows even (I have been unsuccessfully trying to work out how to fmq a baptister fan without marking, which I loathe)

  2. I LOVE the colours and the design and everything about this one, though am chuckling ruefully at your idea of "quick and easy" Sigh. Yes, we liked your new flag too, though I have no idea who John Key is.