Saturday, March 19, 2016

Finishing Wednesday

Goddamn I'm tired. I organised a one-day seminar event yesterday - all perfectly straightforward - but I am just exhausted now. So many things to think about and so many things that could possibly go wrong, but luckily didn't ... I will claim credit that it all went smoothly as a result of my thorough planning but I think it was a good chunk of luck. The Senate decided to have a record-breaking 30 hour straight sitting all through Thursday night which didn't help! When it came time for our seminar Friday morning everyone in the building was exhausted - all very well for the Senate to sit but it meant the building has to be kept open and everyone from the security staff to the cleaners to the roster managers and the hansard staff were all a bit strung out.... in the end the seminar went very well - even my presentation - and I was very pleased, but even after a solid twelve-hour sleep last night I am plain old tired.

Earlier in the week I managed to watch a bit of TV and sew the binding down on the scrap and circles quilt - now called "Wednesday". I didn't realise that the border print changed colour halfway round! It is such a large pattern that half seems to be blue and half yellow. But the whole thing is so scrappy I don't think it matters.

I still like the colours, and the circles, and I might do something similar again - play with scraps and circles a bit more. I am getting my husband and son to hold it up because it's too sunny to put it on the line. The weather has finally broken and we're back down to temps in the low 20s, which is very welcome. My dad has come over from NZ for a visit and he's very relieved! Even though they've had a hot summer there too, Kiwis do not respond well to the Canberra 35 degree plus days.

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