Tuesday, March 8, 2016

It's just so HOT

This is crazy weather at the moment. We've had over a week of mid 30s temps, and another week to come. There was a short storm last Wednesday evening, but other than that not a cloud, let alone any rain. We hardly ever get it this hot without a break, and never in March! It's supposed to be autumn for heaven's sake - hot during the day, sure, but with just that hint that it won't last forever. Well, there is no hint, and we are absolutely convinced it will last forever. When I left work at 6pm today it was still 34 degrees, and everything was burnt to a baked-on crisp.

So our weekend was pretty quiet. I went for a run on Saturday morning in a feeble attempt to regain the fitness I lost over Christmas, and it was BOILING. Not a breath of wind, which made the lake very pretty, but no relief from the sun. I'm not sure if the photo shows, but the little sailboats are absolutely sitting there, not moving at all. The rowers were doing fine because the lake was like glass.

On Sunday morning we met up with friends to go for a walk - through the pines in an attempt to get some shade - which mostly worked. We finished up by 11 am and it was just starting to get really unpleasant! And on both afternoons we sat around floppily, although my husband and I offloaded the boys on Saturday night to a friend and went out for dinner. We meant to go to a movie, but dinner ended up taking too long, and we didn't really care, so we stayed for dessert and another beer, and it was lovely. Great food too, if anyone would like a Canberra restaurant recommendation.


  1. Same here in SA, absolutely ridiculous temperatures, and really high humidity as well. We're supposed to get a break from it tomorrow, and a bit of rain, but I'll believe it when I see it. You can blame me for this; a couple of weeks ago I said I could bear the high autumn temps because we were getting closer to winter; I didn't expect this though...Will it ever be cool?

  2. we are just easing into spring here in illinois. temps are just getting comfortable enough to only need a light jacket. it has been rainy, though, and supposed to rain for a few more days. that i can handle. not real fond of the thunderstorms that might come, though.

  3. What a lovely tribute to your friend John. Here, it's not hot, but I've got out into the garden several times to tidy up after the winter, which has been lovely. The ground is still very cold, though the air temperature is pleasant enough.