Thursday, February 4, 2016

Some actual sewing

Believe it or not I have actually spent some time in the sewing room this week. Despite the shock of going back to work and school (more of a shock for the boys than me! They are at the stage of sleeping until 10 if I let them, and 0700 horrified them) I managed to get some sewing time in. Michelle sent me some more wonderful selvedges - thank you!!! It is so much more fun sewing with other people's than my own. Especially when they have little cupcakes on them.

And Dr Seuss creatures.

And bricks. Love it! The whole length of the fabric must have been a bit startling.

So I am up to 63 selvedge blocks now and I think it will have to be at least 12 by 12 - 144 blocks. I can't really put a border on it because it's double weight with the backing fabric. But that's OK - it can be a long term project.

Other than that I have been looking at my scrap blocks again, and this time put them together with plain blocks and sewed a circle in the middle. I might do more circles when I sew them together, or I might not. It might be too much?


  1. i have some plain 6" squares sewn together for a king size quilt. they are all different neutrals. my original thought was to applique something on the blocks as i quilted the top, but now i'm just not sure. will be anxious to see how your circle and scrap blocks come out.

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