Thursday, February 18, 2016

Equal and opposite reaction

So my scrap-and-circles quilt top is together and I bordered it in a large scale pattern that I love but, to be honest, I've never really found anywhere to put it. That's the problem with the big beautiful prints, they don't always play nicely with others. So this is a bit to-hell-with-it-I'm-going-all-out. It's folded into quarters in this photo - the whole top is six by six and the border goes all the way round.

I decided not to do other circles in the joins - I put a few on just to see and it looked a bit busy. I know, how could it get any busier? Perhaps what I meant to say was the circles started to take over, and it just looked like rows of dots rather than a proper scrap quilt. I haven't decided on the quilting yet, maybe straight lines to counteract all that circular business.

And, because every action gets a reaction, I'm starting on the next quilt and it will be not scrap and will be properly planned. And possibly even restrained. I want to use this flag fabric that I have had for ages, and I'm thinking a red white and blue theme. Here's the preliminary pile of fabric that might go with it .... look how contained it is! how un-clashing! I haven't decided on a pattern yet but I think something very simple that will go together quite quickly.

Other than that work is busy, school is busy, weather is hot, exercise is non-existent and I still hate cooking. Number one son cannot wait to see the back of baseball forever, and number two has just auditioned for another production. We are thinking of adding a bedroom to the beach house (the front neighbour in the identical mirror-image house has just done it, and it's great) but actually getting that started needs a bit more time and thought than I have at the moment! 


  1. your connect the dots quilt looks great!

  2. I wish I could get my corners to match up without (sometimes) a lot of fiddling. I do try to be accurate but in the end, somehow never seem to be as accurate as I think I'm being. Now, covering all the corners with circles... hmm, tempting. As usual, your quilt is lovely and puts me to shame.