Monday, February 15, 2016

Bludging not blogging

I've been a slack blogger lately - having too much fun and occasionally working. We spent the weekend down at the beach and it was GLORIOUS. Perfect weather, nice big waves, drinks with the neighbour and number one son took a friend along so was kept entirely entertained. Even the dog behaved herself (mostly). We're having the usual Canberra February heatwave with temps in the mid 30s for the past week or two, and it was just magic to completely immerse myself in the large cold sea. And float around.

The waves don't look like much in this photo! I went around to the other beach, where there were some crackers. I love to boogy board, and I'm trying to pick it up a notch and catch the bigger waves (not just the ones knee deep that I share with the four year olds ... which are fun, don't get me wrong). I might need fins if I'm going to catch them out of my depth, and I'm not entirely sure how that works. Luckily I am well beyond the point of embarrassment at that beach - if they can bear the sight of me in a twenty year old wetsuit, they can stand me in fins.


  1. Looks nice. Jenni took me to the Mount (Tay St) Saturday and it was a mass of sea lettuce and kelp.

  2. that beach looks wonderful to me right now! our temps hadn't even gotten above freezing the past few days. had a couple inches of snow the other day and most of it's still on the ground.