Sunday, April 12, 2015

Poor Mishka

I forgot to mention the biggest thing about our Easter weekend at the beach - our dog got attacked! We were taking her for a walk on Friday afternoon and while we were walking home along our own street a malamute jumped its front fence fence and went for her. It was pretty scary - the dog was HUGE, and there was another one as well that didn't jump the fence.  The owner pulled her off straight away, and I didn't think it had caused any harm, so we kept walking and then just as we were getting home I noticed some blood on her fur and a puncture wound on her back. So we got onto the vet who could see her straight away (with a $250 call out fee for Good Friday! ouch) and she had some nasty wounds, so had to have anaesthetic and drains and sutures and a shaved back. I hadn't realised it was so bad because of her fur, but it could easily have killed her because one of the bites was really near her spine.

Anyway we called the dog rangers, who went to see the guy, who was extremely apologetic and said it had never happened before ... which everyone takes with a pinch of salt of course, but he paid up the vet's bills ($681 in the end! double ouch) and the rangers probably won't take it any further. But it is all now on record if it happens again, and they are going to make sure he raises the fence. Luckily Mish is healing nicely, and doesn't seem traumatised. When the guy came round to give us the cash she leaped all over him with a waggy tail, so perhaps not mentally scarred for life. Anyway I took this photo this morning, and you can see it's looking pretty good and healing up.

And other than that I've been sewing away on the barrister blocks and I like them - the brown is definitely quite country and muted, but not muddy. I'll wait and see how they look altogether - it will be eight by eight. Lots of brown. And I don't know if it was using two different machines, but the sizes of all the component bits were way off. So I did some trimming, and now none of the points really match.