Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A rainy Easter

We spent Easter down the beach, and the weather was not exactly fabulous! The forecast had said it would rain, so we came prepared with DVDs, a couple of recipe books and (for me) lots of cut up brown fabric to make barrister blocks with. Saturday we dragged the kids out in the afternoon and visited a few new beaches. Rather spectacular, in a grim and craggy kind of way.

This is just ten minutes drive up the road and I'd never been there before. We get so settled in our little nook. This particular bay is not very developed - just a few (incredibly expensive) houses tucked into the bush. Lovely. Here is number two son disappearing into some smuggler's cave. It was low tide.

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day - number two and I went for a swim while my husband took the older one up the long beach with the new fishing rod. They failed to catch anything - my husband is getting a bit frustrated because the beach looked perfect and he found a good gutter that should be full of fish! He will keep trying though. Apparently the new rod was very good. Later on Sunday I took myself off for a long walk around the nature reserve. I was happily walking into the sun and thinking how lovely it was when I heard thunder and turned around to this!

The photo's not great but it was a massive thunderstorm coming across. I kept going on my walk and timed it so I came home at the same time as the rain. Yay for me. As I was coming around the last bit of the fishing reserve I saw this and took a photo to show my husband - a ute full of fish!!!

Can you see? The truck tray is entirely full of fish, and so is the net. I took it from a long way away because I thought they might object to me taking photos of them doing something so horrifically illegal (you're not allowed to drive on the beaches either)... but then I realised they weren't trying to hide it at all, so I think it was probably a group of people with traditional fishing rights. It certainly looked like a family event. Anyway my husband was slightly encouraged that there are fish somewhere along the South Coast, even if they are all hiding in the marine protection zone.


  1. i thoroughly enjoy reading your posts about your mini vacations at the beach and love the pics. it's like i get to go to australia for five minutes! haha. seriously, it looks like a wonderful place to unwind. i guess it's getting on towards fall there now and you will have cold weather. we are inching toward spring and the bad storms are starting again. tornado watches for the next couple of days here. ugh. that means lots of time on the basement stairs for me... haha.

  2. The beach, walking, and sewing. Sounds just about perfect to me. I love the pictures. So beautiful.

  3. Was the netting done in the reserve area? What species? It's not just Brad that needs to know the important things.